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Get ‘Geeked’: It’s The Look That Google Loves
It’s Google’s party, so if you skip this, you’ll be the lonely kid sitting in the shadows (or on page 13 of search results).

At Google’s party, there are only so many seats. Google decides who gets them – and Google is a geek.

Google’s into code, structure, logic and rules. At this party, being cool isn’t about the cut of your clothes, colours, brand names or fashion.

It’s about getting on your ‘geek’.

Our On-Page SEO services ‘geek’ your site so you look good in Google’s eyes.

Three Forward Steps

Our On-Page SEO Services delivers the first three steps of our five-step model. These include:

  1. A website audit (to assess your situation),
  2. Strategic planning (to plot the course ahead), and
  3. Website optimisation (to implement on-page strategies).

We recommend five SEO optimisation steps because optimal success needs all five, but the first three get you ‘geeked’ enough to be acceptable for Google’s invite list.

The Audit
The Website Audit process involves a variety of testing and inspection processes. It’s a website ‘check-up from the neck up’; a testing procedure designed to identify the exact situation of what ‘geeking up your website needs.
Strategic Planning

We then create a plan designed around three criteria:  

  1. Obeying Google’s rules
  2. Researching and cataloguing optimal search terms
  3. Identifying what changes are needed   

We want Google to index your website for search terms that will stream your ideal customers. As a result, page by page, working with what is seen and what is unseen, even we identify what needs to be added, omitted, or corrected.

We will provide you with ‘Your SEO Profit Plan’. This will outline what optimization changes are required, search terms and volumes, as well as other information that influenced our decisions.

It’s not unusual for us to find new opportunities for you. It’s no problem if you aren’t equipped to take advantage of this straightaway. The information will still be available for future use.

Such opportunities are usually invested in and capitalized on during the AutoPilot program.

Website Optimisation

If you approve the strategies proposed, we implement the plan.

Again, page by page, we make the necessary adjustments to your website’s code and settings. Both micro and macro adjustments are usually made at a page and global setting level.

In addition to improving the indexing of individual pages, this step typically contributes to improvements in overall site authority as well as page speed.

In completion, on your On-Page SEO Services, you will be ready for search engines to see your site.

You’ll be ‘geeked’ and acceptable for the party.

Interested in Taking More Steps?

Once you’re ‘geeked’ (steps one to three) then ready for steps four and five.

Without the ‘geek’ factor, you’re unlikely to get an invite to page one for any competitive term. Ever! But there is more you can do.

You can now improve the quality of your content and secure offsite authority. These are steps four and five of our SEO optimisation steps.